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2 days journey through past, present and future. Safe and healing awareness.
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Day 1, Saturday 14th MAY – LEAVE BEHIND (LET GO)

Time: 11:00-18:00 hrs.

Day description: We will start working cognitively, which means talking, thinking and sharing with the others about the importance of the relationship we say ‘goodbye’ on the day. We will free our mind and its defenses by creating a safe connection within the group. Then, we will work with certain emotions that are common in all grieving processes. These emotions are mainly anger, fear and sadness. We aim to end up forgiving and feeling grateful for all what we got from this relationship. Techniques like visualizations, therapeutic writing and drawings will be proposed to you, in short, LET GO & GET GOING.

What to expect? This workshop is a proposal to give you the opportunity to face a relationship that was important in your life. It offers the chance to say a proper ‘goodbye’ to that relationship, going through all the therapeutic phases of a grieving process. This workshop may not change your life drastically; it is meant to offer a gentle and peaceful feeling when dealing with your past. The aim is to relieve you from the past and open a new way to the present and future path.

Who is this for? For people that need to close a relationship. For people who want to feel more free and fully associated to their present relationships. For those who want to deal with unresolved issues. This workshop is proposed to those who want to say a proper ‘goodbye’ to:

  • people we love (family, friends,….)
  • relationships (work, romance, pets,…)

What will you obtain? The experience of feeling good, safe and light. In therapy, to work with detachment processes lead us to open up to new patterns to relate to the world and others. It will free your mind, open your senses and your emotions. Your body will also feel the benefits of this therapeutic process, for example your chest will feel more open and light. As professionals, we offer you a safe place to find the trust to let go what you do not need anymore, to find the courage to deal with unresolved issues in life.

Why is this important? Detachment processes are needed in order to fully connect to our current relationships. To be self aware of our own fears and pain from relationships from our past, it is important in order to have authentic and satisfying relationships ‘here & now’. Letting go the anger and forgiving someone from our past will make us trust the others around us today. It will allow us to feel safe and build secure and healthy relationships.

What to bring? The willingness to let go the nostalgia, the fears and the bitterness. The clear definition of that relationship you need to say a proper ‘goodbye’. The desire for living lighter and fully present in the ‘here & now”. The openness to connect with others with similar needs and desires as you, fearless and shameless. Please bring a notebook where you can write all the insights you get from this experience, if you think it maybe useful for you. Bring also comfortable clothes and a dish to share for the common lunch. Optional, bring a personal object (a doll, a pillow,…) that symbolize nurturing and safety for you, to comfort you during the visualizations exercises.

Day 2, Sunday 15th MAY- MOVE FORWARD

Time: 11:00-17:00 hrs.

Day description: The second day has a focus on designing clear and realistic intentions on what you want to achieve in your life. Either you just come directly to this day or you can participate from day one where you´ll detach yourself from what held you back in the past, leaving you ready to get moving towards your next intentions.

What to expect: You´ll work individually on your intentions and also in a safe group where no one is judged or pushed to do anything, rather respected and stimulated to find your own uniqueness by yourself with well proven coaching tools and techniques to have a clear vision of what you want to do, be or have. Expect a time to raise awareness, set clear goals and plan your next steps.

Who is this for? This day’s workshop is designed to help people who struggle to get to a place or a situation that they have been striving for without success. People attending this day, should be wanting to work on getting where they want by committing to themselves to start doing an action plan.

What will you obtain? Respect, clarity of what you want and how to move forward, awareness of your barriers and how to overcome them, increased inner wisdom, support, excitement and motivation to move on.

Why is this important? Being guided by experienced professionals within a group of people who struggle with the same issues and want to achieve similar results, opens up a great resource of energy, strength and knowledge that are crucial to unblock a person´s path to be conquered and won.

What to bring? Your own notebook, pens and colors or markers to write your goals, plans, commitments and highlight important notes. Bring comfortable clothing and a dish to share.


Quotes from previous participants to our workshops:

Paola and Cristina showed their experience and love through this workshop. For a few hours I was able to disconnect from the hurry of everydayness and focus on myself, nourish my soul, learn a bit about myself and get back to my life, my family, my work, my community with the energy recharged and ready to make my best. I’m looking forward for more workshops like this.” -Marisol Rasmussen.

To give myself time to participate in this workshop was an invaluable experience. It gave me the opportunity to focus only on me and to grow in different aspects of my life that needed attention. The professionalism and care of Paola and Cristina allowed me to understand my needs and to work with my emotional blocks.”Erika Aguirre.


  • *Pre-call/ Interview of 15 min. included to all participants prior to the event. To define personal objectives for the workshop.
  • Group size: min. 4 and max. 12 participants to ensure individual attention and full support. Limited spots, confirm your attendance as soon as possible.
  • There will be breaks for coffee & snacks and lunch.


You can confirm you attendance by email (


You can choose to attend the workshop one day or both days.

  • Price per day : 650 DKK
  • Price for both days: 990 Dkk.
  • ‘Early Bird’ discount: 10% off paying before May 5th.

One day ‘Early Bird’: 585 Dkk; Two days ‘Early Bird’: 891 Dkk.

  • ‘Bring a Friend’ discount: 20% off.

One day ‘Bring a Friend:’ 520 Dkk; Two days ‘Bring a Friend’: 792 Dkk.

*Discounts are non cumulative*


  • Mobile Pay to Paola Torres 28 77 00 72
  • Bank Transfer: (Danske Bank) Reg. nr. 4001 Account nr. 4002218623

Please send a message to confirm your payment to: and book your 15 min. pre-call before the event.





  • Cristina Montoro, Psychologist & Psychotherapist

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  • Paola Torres, Personal Performance Coach

Tel: 28 77 00 72


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