I have just came back to Copenhagen from Jutland. I have attended a really meaningful education in the field of Art Therapy.
We have been an international group, participants came from all over the world to be part of this experience: France, Rumania, Estonia, Norway, Spain,…
It has been an intensive personal and profesional development process. Due to this experience

We have been working from different approaches:

Jung –) Ego, shadow, femenine & masculine archetypes and Self concept.
Shame –) Vibeke Skov, Ciniical Psychologist have taught us meaningful ways to work with shame feelings.
Images & Archetypes –) Individual, Cultural & Collective Unconscious
Clay & Glass –) Different ways to express inner representations and to be creative
Music Therapy –) Voice, Body and Breathing.
Areas of being –) Private, Social & Solo Space. Individualisation & Socialisation Process
Reverse Method –) To work with left overs
Dreams –) Phases of dreams and ways to understand their meaning
Negative affects –) Fear, Anger & Sadness
Positive affects –) Surprise, Joy & Interest
Drumming & Meditation

As the reader can imagine I have broaden my knowledge to work in clinical and cross-cultural psychology. I am looking forward to share and expand every part of this experience. If you feel curious about this keep updated about future workshops or contact me for a private session. I will be glad to help with any issue.

All the best,

Cristina Montoro
Psychologist & Psychotherapist
(+45) 71723014