Human beings naturally change and grow, just like nature
does, but life can be challenging sometimes. In these cases, it is essential to
re-connect with your senses, with your heart, with your roots and with your
relationships in a trustful way.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we need to
awaken our full potential and overcome what challenges us. In psychological
terms, resilience is the capacity that human being has to recover
quickly from difficulties. In physical terms, resilience is the ability of a
substance or object to spring back into shape (elasticity).

Imagine just for a second that any person in the world beyond
any difficult circumstance they are in, can find the balance back into their
bodies and minds and transform the vulnerability into strength. Doesn’t
it sound like an utopia? I believe this capacity of recovering is inherent to
human beings and if we have enough will and trust we can definitely experience
its benefits. A clear example for this are the expats and refugees. When I meet
them in my clinic, I can feel their
respect and gratitude for life, no matter how hard life has treated them (war,
illness, poverty harassment, sexual or drug abuse,…). Consciously or
unconsciously they make a decision to stop that fight and to choose the best
that life offers them. They become receptive, grateful, everything they receive
in life is a gift (job, relationships, a place to live,…), not a fulfillment of
a demand, nothing is taken for granted. Therefore, instead of allowing anger,
fear or sadness to take over they choose that elasticity, adapt, and value the
place and the circumstances they are in. The same I can say about the Sahrawi I
met when visiting the refugee camps in Alger, they had a smile on their faces
and in their hearts, despite the discriminatory political and social
circumstances they have to live in. They were lacking all kind of resources,
they had lost family members in the war, and even the territory where they used
to live. But despite all of that, they never lost their hope, their trust and
their gratefulness for whatever little help they can get. Astonishing and
totally admirable, isn’t it?

No matter what the circumstance is we are never alone,and if we
are there is always a choice, to share, to call, to request for being seen or
listened and understood. The power of
asking for help and support
is in itself healing: The keys is accepting the
vulnerability. Vulnerability is part of strength and we need to allow them to
collaborate instead of compete. Many of my clients, most of them expats based
in Denmark, become anxious or depressed because they are not as strong, fast or
smart as they used to be. Because something traumatic happened in their lives
that took their courage away. Their high
demands don’t help them, instead of blaming themselves they should be
compassionate and loving with themselves.
The inner critics are the worst obstacle someone can meet. We introject
values and demands according to our culture, family and education and we forget
about our own instincts and intuition; we lose the trust in our wisdom; we
forget that we can develop our own actions and values in a constructive way
with ourselves and others. Acceptance and love are the main keys to
initiate the healing process. When someone receives nurture and support old
wounds heal much faster. This is what my work is about, and that someone can
make a choice and a contract with themselves in order to feel better is a
reality and a truth I would like to share with the whole world.

If you want to give it a try and experience life in a meaningful
way, I encourage you to start a personal
developmental process
. The benefits of this commitment to yourself will
allow you to re-connect with your full potential and to achieve the following benefits:

– Explore your inner self with curiosity rather than with

– Identify your authentic needs and be able to fulfill
them without judgment or shame. Give yourself joy and pleasure. Trust that you
truly deserve it.

Relieve pain from old wounds. It is time to integrate
what happened, let go and allow yourself to live in the present.

– Develop your creativity and intuition. Find new
activities and people that inspire you and trust in you being able to do
anything you always dreamed of.

– Find peace and stability. Take off and land, fly and go
back to your center. Be dynamic with your mind, emotions and body. Remember
that resilience and self regulation are physical and psychological proven

– Become aware of your emotions, validate them and don’t
allow them to govern you. Nurture and take care of yourself.

Shadow and light will always be there; the key is how we use
them. They are essential parts of the Self. The power is in the process.
We can all build bridges to connect real and ideal vision of the world. Find
the courage to make your dreams blossom like flowers in the spring. Let your
essence shine and expand without limitations like the sunrise.

If you are interested in starting a therapeutic process
you can find more information in my website: www.cristinamontoro.net