We will work from an integrative humanistic approach: including mind, emotions, body and action in every exercise.

Goals of the workshop: Self development, freedom, diversity, integration, creativity, boundaries, empowerment, improving relationships and mindfulness.

Exercises: Meditation, drawing, writing, listening to music and expressing our inner world ( among others) . Please bring a notebook or diary where to write insights, and clothes where you can move freely and feel comfortable. You are also welcome to bring an object that you like and want to share with the group.

Norms: Confidentiality, Safety and Respect by all members of the group.

Number of participants: 5-6 members
Price: 300 DKK ( By mobile pay, bank transference or cash*)
Language: English
Facilitator: Cristina Montoro ( Psychologist & Psychotherapist)

20 of September 2017 ( from 19,00 to 21,30 hrs)
27 of September 2017 / from 16,00 to 18,30 hrs)

Confirm attendance: By a private message on fb or write a text message to ( +45 71723014) with your full name.
Payment: Must be done the day of the workshop.
*Cancellation might be done one week in advance.

As many of you may know I have my private practice in Copenhagen. I am a psychologist from Spain who has an international degree and wide experience in the social and clinical field. I have been working in a psychiatry Hospital, in the research department at Copenhagen University, in a Mental Health Center and helping refugees and NGO’s.
Currently I offer individual therapy to clients from all over the whole living in Denmark. I collaborate as an expert in integration research groups from Copenhagen University and as a guest lecturer in DIIS, and soon will be joining the board of the Dansk Psychodrama Union.

It has been a while since I facilitated my last workshop and since many of my new and old clients have asked me to create a space where individuals can share together (vulnerability and strenght) and keep their constant personal growing process here it is what I can offer to all of you.

So please all of you who might be interested in participating write me a private message. All nationalities are welcome. International encounter guaranteed?

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have by private message. You can also bring a colleague or a friend.