Looking at you makes me transcend into something bigger than my ego. This invites my intuitive side to take over, when this happens the dance becomes armonic and all feels right and pleasant. When another parts of me: old wounds, fears, arcaic beliefs, social concepts, useless beliefs wants to govern ‘Mothering ‘becomes a challenge. 
I remember vividly when I was taking my artherapy education and I decided consciously that I wanted to become a mother connected to her guts and the universal energy- Every dream (the unconscious language if the mind) since then has reminded me that that was and is the right path; and I try ti follow it the best I can; though I loose my way and fall sometimes -as human being is not perfect, mothers either. Let go blameness, replace it for Compassion. 
My love to you is ever growing- and that is the best sign of all! We are growing together, is there something more magic and amazing than that? I have not found it…
Thank you sacred and beautiful ‘little free man’ for teaching I can expand myself beyond any self limitation. ???